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By creating value for our customer, we create value for all shareholders. We strive to create technically advanced, customer services oriented world class organization which delivers long term benefits based upon customer's requirements.
Operations And Maintenance
  It is widely recognized that O&M involves the highest amount of expenses in owning and operating a facility over its life cycle. For proper functioning, it requires a skilled and robust team to manage the overall operations smoothly.

The chief function of the O&E team is to keep the entire built facility - equipments and machineries - in good condition. This is done so that they can be used to meet their intended functions during their entire life cycle. Preventive and predictive maintenance along with corrective maintenance are required to accomplish this function.
O&M typically includes the day-to-day activities necessary for the facility with its systems and equipment to perform their intended function. Operations and maintenance are combined into the common term O&M because a facility cannot operate at its peak point of efficiency without being maintained. Therefore, these two terms are clubbed as a single term. We, at ENWECO, specialize in O&M of water and wastewater treatment plants. We offer a wide gamut of services with the help of our dedicated and trained team.